Infaminder - Coming August 2020

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      InfaMinder is coming August 2020

      InfaMinder is a patented electronic device that attaches to the driver’s seatbelt and allows the driver to record a personalized message reminder that will be triggered through a special sensor when they arrive at their next location, even before the parent or guardian steps a foot outside. The device is wireless and does not require Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, it works with a battery that will last one full year with no replacement or charging needed.

      In 2018, the National Safety Council reported, that 52 children died in hot cars; that’s an average of one child fatality a week. A child’s body heats three to five times faster than an adult’s body, and a child’s major organs start shutting down when their body temperature reaches 104 degrees. A child can die when his or her temperature reaches 107 degrees.  A cracked window won’t help, the car heats up in 10-minutes and a child can have a heat stroke even if it is in the ’50s outside.

      It's best to have an InfaMinder. RESERVE yours today, we are in final manufacturing stages and would love to have your support. We will keep you posted on the production process once you purchase it and you will be the first to get it as soon as it is ready. Thank you.

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